Fejléc kép


During the opening hours of the Budapest Wholesale Market, producers can sell their products from their own vehicles in the outdoor sectors.



T1 PRODUCER CARD:Any producer entering the Market for the purpose of selling must hold a so-called T1 Producer Card. Producers without this card can sell their goods on a single occasion only at the Market. To apply for theProducer Card, a card application form must be filled out with photocopies of all required documents (licensed traditional small-scale producer or agricultural sole trader’s licence, certificate of incorporation for companies, tax number of the company, the NFCSO (NÉBIH) registration number and the registration certificate of vehicles arriving to the Market) attached. You can send the completed application form and the attachments by email (), fax (061/814-5353) or submit them in person to the Facility Management Office in Building No. 5. After receipt of the fully completed data sheet, it takes 1 business day on average to have your card prepared, which you can claim in person during the business hours of the main cash desk. The validity of the card corresponds to that of the licensed traditional small-scale producer voucher.

LABELLING: In order to ensure the tracking of goods, appropriate labelling must be used.

COMPANY SIGN: The name and address of the producer or producer business (licensed traditional small-scale producer, small-scale producer, agricultural entrepreneur or business) must be displayed on a surface that is clearly visible to customers (on the rear cargo bed or the hinged tailgate of the vehicle).


For more details on the terms and condition of sales activity, please refer to NAK’s information leaflet available at:

ENTRY FEE: Entry to the Market requires the payment of an entry fee applicable to the category of the given vehicle.


MARKET POLICY: Everyone must observe the opening hours and the policy of the Wholesale Market.

PLACE RESERVATION: Producers can reserve a place for one-month, three-month or one-year periods for outdoor points of sale.