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Dear Customers,

It is important to emphasize that the wholesale market is currently running smoothly as it is

If any action is taken otherwise, we will notify you immediately through our communication channels.


However, to prevent the emergence of the coronavirus in our country and to prevent it from spreading - in addition to the previous measures, our company is introducing the following new measures in which we ask you kindly to cooperate:


- The client traffic in the main building is regulated so that there are 2 clients at a time stay in the room management office and have 1 customer in the lobby.


- In order to comply with the above, we kindly ask you to opt for the telephone or electronic administration, contact personally only when necessary.

Contact: piac@nagybani.hu, 061-421-3611


- We have introduced temperature controls for truck drivers at the freight port, please

to ensure that the truck spends as little time in the market as possible.


Our company continually ensures that all toilets are properly disinfected hand wash. At the 10 frequencies of the market, according to the map in the attached, dispensed hand water disinfectant dispensers.


We continue to ask that if any of your co-workers, drivers or customers experience symptoms of nausea they shall immediately inform the emergency services.


For more current news and what to do on the government 's official web and facebook pages

https://koronavirus.gov.hu/, and https://www.facebook.com/koronavirus.gov.hu ​​you will find detailed or call the green number 0680-277-455.


Official announcements of the wholesale market in a circular, on our website and on Facebook

available through our site.


Thank you for your cooperation!

Budapest Wholesale Market