Fejléc kép


Sales by producers

You can obtain information about the conditions of sale at the wholesale market by clicking on the Our customers menu on our website, however, we recommend that you seek further information about the current legal regulations from the village farm manager responsible for your area.
You can sell your own produce of vegetables and fruits at a producer price but “buy-in” is not allowed at the wholesale market. Buy-in may be carried out by companies operating in or around the farmlands.
The integrity of the packaging of various forms (e.g. container, bag) may not be tempered with during sales at the wholesale market. Goods may not be sold in small quantities (e.g. small basket, back basket) at the wholesale market.
The staff of Budapest Wholesale Market Ltd are not involved in conducting business transactions nor do they act as business agents.


Purchasing goods by the general public for private purposes and needs is allowed, but not in commercial quantities.
Wholesale customers may apply for a customer card (V2) to enter before the market before official opening hours. You can find further details on how to apply in the “Our customers” menu.


Budapest Wholesale Market Ltd invites tenders for renting out facilities that are available for rent. You can find our current invitations for tenders in the “Facilities for rent” menu. You can read the description of each tenement in the “Introduction” menu.
Pursuant to Section 29 of the Market Policy, no itinerant sales are allowed at the market.

Price information services

The daily sales prices collected across the wholesale market can be ordered according to the terms of the data supply contract. The current prices are sent against the payment of the service fee specified on our website. The price information available on the website is for reference only and does not contain current daily information.   
You can give us a call to inquire about daily prices, but only on a case-by-case basis. We are sorry for having to reject recurring calls but the regular disclosure of current price information is subject to the data supply contract.
Sales transactions are carried out at the daily gross sales prices influenced by supply and demand.